10 Q's with Alysia Maree

10 Q's with Alysia Maree

Since she was 12, Alysia always knew wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry. After finishing her VCE, she wasted no time in completing a Diploma of Makeup at The Academy of Makeup as well as a Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College in Melbourne.

From there, Alysia spent the next 6 years working at Elly Lukas as the Head of Makeup, teaching hundreds of students the good word of makeup application, whilst simultaneously running her side hustle, Lysha Maree Makeup Artistry.
From makeup educator and successful freelance makeup artist, Alysia went on to further her career by working for the #1 global cosmetic brand, MAC Cosmetics, as the Myer Geelong counter manager. 

And then, her life changed forever, because *drum roll please*… she met me. And we launched our little baby into the big bad world: One:Eleven Makeup.

Wanna get to know my main girl a little better? Here are 10 of our most frequently asked questions straight from the makeup chair:

What do you love about being a makeup artist and the beauty industry?

The thing I love most about being a makeup artist is the feeling I have when I wear makeup myself.  Those that know me, understand it is a rare occurrence if you see me without a full beat.

I love the way I can express myself with different makeup looks and it just gives me a level of confidence I once never had.  This is why I had to do this as a job - to allow my clients to experience the same feeling that I have every morning after I have spent an hour glamming my face.

The beauty industry allows clients to indulge in self-care which I believe is something we should all do more often. Being part of the service industry allows you to touch so many different people whether you are doing their makeup, hair or facial. My favourite part of the industry is meeting so many different people and learning about their careers, personal lives and bonding with my fellow women over our favourite makeup brands and love of wine.

Tell us your kit must-haves and what products you are loving and loathing right now.

Primer is an absolute must.  Whether you can tell a difference or not, there is a reason I get a message from my client the following day that their makeup is still on - the record is three days - so it is definitely value for money! (PS: I do not condone sleeping in your makeup - it has terrible effects on your skin!)

I am also a sucker for eyeshadow palettes and pigments. Anything sparkly draws my attention straight away and I must have it!  You can never have too many eyeshadow palettes, and I must say, I am very good at using up all of the colours to avoid wastage - it’s like a challenge for me to use up the colours that aren’t as popular in the palette so there aren’t uneven gaps. #OCDLIFE.

Products I am loathing right now would have to be the glitter liquid drops.  I am yet to find a formula that doesn’t affect the consistency of the foundation, cause the foundation to rub off when you apply, or leave chunks of product on the face because it doesn’t blend.

Describe your go-to makeup look.

Rose gold smokey eye and nude lip, for sure! However, according to my Instagram, I have been creating lots of warmer looks on myself lately so I should probably try something different... any suggestions are welcome :)

What is your favourite makeup request?

When clients say ‘I like what you’ve got’ - then the farthest I need to think back to is that morning when I did my makeup so I can remember what products I used!

But funnily enough, my clients have been requesting a lot of colour lately, and because I like to use about 7 shades in the crease, it’s fun to add a wash of pink or purple in there instead of a nude or brown.

On the contrary, my least favourite makeup request is ‘do whatever you like’ because then I panic as there are endless options in the world of makeup and I want to make sure I do something amazing that that my clients will love. 

Do you have any makeup horror stories?

I must say, I get asked this question every week and I have been lucky to have had a pretty good run of beautiful people over the past 12 years. However, one particular story does stands out to me…    

I had my first Bridezilla-encounter after being in the industry for just 2 years - I was still fairly young and lacking in confidence. I had done a grey smokey eye on her bridesmaids first, as I like to leave the bride until last, so her makeup is fresh for when the photographer arrives.  The bride decided she wanted to change the look we had done on the trial to the same smokey eye as the bridesmaids, and I tried to advise her against this but she insisted. 

As you can imagine, she hated it. There were tears streaming through her foundation and I had to re-do her whole face which made her very late. 

This experience was so traumatic for me that it has been the only time in my whole career where I have wanted to give up on my dream job. Thankfully, I had many other amazing brides which made it worth pushing through and believing in myself and my talent. 

If you could work with anyone or on any project, who or what would it be and why?

I would absolutely LOVE to work on a collaboration with Desi Perkins and Katy. I discovered Katy in the world of YouTube when she first started out and a few years later she met Desi Perkins and I love both of them equally for different reasons. 

I love Desi’s style - she is total inspiration for me.  But I can’t get over Katy’s incredible personality.  She is extremely funny and reminds me of Steph.  Steph is the Katy to my Desi.

Another dream or goal I have is to work all around the world.  Specifically, New York or LA.  I wouldn’t care what project it was, but I would love the opportunity to take my makeup kit, my best friend/business partner and jump on a plane and take our artistry global.

Any advice for people who want to pursue a career in the makeup industry?

Never stop learning!  This industry is so fast paced and there are always so many new trends and exciting product launches, that you need to stay ahead of the game so you can be the expert when it comes to your clients.

Also, network!  This has been something I was always scared of doing, but since being a makeup educator for 6 years, apparently, I have turned into quite the networker these days.  You never know who might need your services down the track and what you can learn from like-minded others. I have made some incredible, loyal clients this way and networking has allowed me to be confident in my skill, our company and shifted me into having an opportunist mindset.  I surprise myself every time it happens! 

What do you love about working with Steph?

Wow, this is a tough one to answer.  Not because I can’t think of anything, but there are too many reasons to note!

Let’s just say, Steph has shaped who I am in my professional and personal life.  I will forever be grateful for her hiring me as her Assistant Manager at MAC because I have never wanted to wake up and go to work so much in my life.  I love that this feeling has continued and grown into our own company together.  Mostly, she makes me laugh and she empowers me and makes me believe in myself.  Everyone needs 1 x Stephanie-Hype-Girl in their life.

Best tip for cleaning up fallout?

Fallout is not your friend. I try to avoid this by doing the eyes first and foundation last.  Even if you are using brown or a pigment or glitter, you can still find it in strange places – like  on a top lip! So even though it looks strange, try doing your eye makeup at the beginning.

My advice for cleaning up fallout would be to gently dust it off the face with a large, fluffy powder brush. If that doesn’t work and you need to actually remove it, try using a fluffy brush or cotton tip with primer on it and lightly run it over the fallout. Then go back in with concealer and powder to touch up.  If you are gentle with your pressure, you shouldn’t create too much of a dint in your base.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of makeup?

I love dancing, music theatre and drinking wine. I have recently entered the world of musical theatre and am going to be auditioning for a production or two in 2019/2020.

My idea of relaxing is having a glass of wine, with friends, no matter what time or day.  I also love to get dressed up and go dancing with my gal pals - I will never be too old to go clubbing.