A Week To Remember

A Week To Remember

So, September 2019 is shaping up to be a hectic month for One:Eleven Makeup, so LEMME CRAIG DAVID YOU REAL QUICK: 

Monday (16.9.19)

Our week started off hanging out in the promotions office at Geelong’s Home of The Hits – K-Rock. We were kindly invited to do the makeup for Tom & Loggy, the presenters of Fresh Daily, as the breakfast team were due for some updated promo shots. These guys were an absolute riot to hang out with, and Loggy is an absolute BABE AND A HALF, so we made her an official One:Eleven Girl-Gang Member.

We then spent our afternoon helping Simon Thorne (the Director of CentreStage’s production of Cinderella), with a photography assignment at Oxygen College. His project involved portrait shots for a magazine cover, and was shooting with two models. He was also kind enough to take some cute portrait shots of Alysia and I for our portfolio, so stay tuned for more spamming of our faces on your socials (you’re welcome).

Tuesday (17.9.19)

We actually tried to catch Rush from Rush Ent. Group last Tuesday because our boy has been very busy shooting all over the world lately, and we miss our Rush mochas.  However, I took a wrong turn coming out of the Burnley Tunnel and got us stuck in gridlock traffic for about 40 minutes, so sadly, we missed out on catch ups.

Instead, we re-stocked our kits at the MAC Pro Store and had dinner and drinks with another photographer pal of ours, Jayme Saleem. Watch this space because there is an epic portfolio shoot coming your way!

Wednesday (18.9.19)

Alysia bought us tickets to attend the Clever People Masterclass last Wednesday, so we went along with our good friend Amy. The event was hosted by Runway Geelong and the Geelong Chamber of Commerce with support from the City of Greater Geelong.

The event was a live panel of local business owners discussing how to maximise branding using social media. The line-up included:

Now, if you’ve ever met Alysia, you know the girl loves a good networking event. True to form, she reached out to the panel host, Kylie Oliver, on Instagram and offered to do her makeup for the event. Kylie graciously accepted, so before the panel we visited Kylie at her office in The Federal Mills.

Kylie is the Content Director at Erskine Media and the Editor of The Geelong Edition, Geelong’s newest lifestyle and community platform celebrating all things local. The woman is a little pocket rocket with a vivacious personality and a genuine passion to build strong relationships within the Geelong community. She is also a stellar event host, and the panel had some great takeaways for local start-ups to consider with their social media.

Thursday (19.9.19)

While Thursday wasn’t as glamorous as the start of the week, (Alysia was busy working at Wax Gallery, while I covered an admin shift at Hamlyn Views School), we did take a little road trip out to Noble Park. This was mostly excellent because I was on some hectic antibiotics which took me from zero to one-hundred, real quick. Needless to say, Alysia was thrilled.

Friday (20.9.19)

Our Noble Park adventure, whilst seemingly random, was in fact strategically planned so that we could arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a client’s wedding day - loves a Friday wedding.

Britt was actually a student of Alysia’s back in her Elly Lukas days and hosted the most incredible bridal party - all the girls were absolutely beautiful and there was nothing but positive energy and good vibes the whole morning, and of course, Britt looked absolutely stunning.

From the Eastern Suburbs, we travelled back to the city to support our new friends at Silent Arrow. These #TRUERADGIRLS just opened their flagship storefront (178 Carlisle St, St Kilda) and were celebrating with an EPIC runway.

Silent Arrow is a fashion revolution, designing lingerie sets out of 100% recycled nylon microfibre and donating a pair of cotton undies to women in need for every item sold. We were extremely humbled to be a part of this incredible initiative as we were asked to create the looks for their show.

We worked with the founder of Silent Arrow, Kelly Barrett, to design the look for the runway, and when she subtly suggested a “pop of colour” you know I ran with that hard and fast! I was spit-balling ideas at Alysia while she manically sketched it out on a face charts (because, collaboration), and we eventually landed on the approved look. 

Now. After smashing out 15 back-to-back models, I had a very real moment. Sometimes you hustle so hard that you forget to appreciate where you’ve been and where you’re at. It hit me backstage that we had just curated this makeup look, executed it on 15 women, and it was featured in a fashion runway. Like… we did that.  This was our hard work paying off, and not only did we get to design this sick makeup look that I am truly proud of, we had a BLAST doing it.

Also, special shout out to our girl Thi! We met Thi whilst working at MAC and got her involved to help backstage for the show  - we absolutely could not have done it without the additional set of hands, and Thi is a mega babe, for real.

Funnily enough, Britt’s hairdresser was actually an ex-retail manager at MAC too, so we basically had mini MAC reunions all day.

Saturday (21.9.19)

We finished off our epic week with some epic clients back in G-Town. We spent the whole Saturday at Wax Gallery doing back-to-back appointments – and you know I have to say it – we have the BEST clients. I love laughing with y’all and asking you wildly inappropriate questions about your personal life.

We wrapped up our Saturday by attending our friend’s Great Gatsby themed 30th birthday, which was icing on the cake to a massive weekend (see what I did there, ey? Ey?)

Sunday (22.9.19) 

Lysh had to get up super early on Sunday for one more client, which officially brought our blockbuster week to a close.
I, on the other hand, woke up on Sunday morning, took a nap at midday, and was back in bed by 9:30pm.

We met some incredible likeminded creatives and clients last week, which resulted in some amazing collaborations and makeups. And while it was one of the most hectic weeks of 2019, we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!