One:Eleven Makeup - A Love Story

One:Eleven Makeup - A Love Story

I can remember the day I met Alysia. I was having a hard time filling the assistant manager position at the MAC Geelong counter and had begged my Regional Manager to let me sit in on the interviews. I rocked up full MAC Theme Day to that interview, too - I’m talking rave buns, glitter in my hair part and blue lipstick - and old mate came full glam and immaculately dressed. Naturally, she killed the interview.

As soon as she walked away, I remember turning to my RM with puppy eyes like… “I want that one.”

The really bizarre part is that it took 28 years for our paths to cross. We were both born in the same hospital a week apart, lived in the same small town 20 minutes outside of Geelong (literally around the corner from each other), my primary school friends were her high school friends and at one-point Alysia worked at a local beauty salon where I would regularly go for waxing and spray tans.

I guess it was fate.

 The day before Alysia’s first shift she sent me this real cute text about how excited she was to start her MAC journey. Now, Alysia will tell you a very different story but this, my friends, was the start of her coercing a friendship with me.

We had a legendary run as Manager and 2IC at MAC Geelong, but sadly our love affair was short lived. I was promoted to manager at another store and Alysia seamlessly took over the counter. Lucky for her, this now meant we were on the same roster cycle.

Prior to MAC, Alysia taught the Diploma of Beauty Therapy makeup unit at Elly Lukas and was running a successful freelance hustle on the side. She needed an extra hand with some bridal parties she had booked, and I offered to help her out. Somewhere between the epic car rides (where Alysia was lucky enough to discover I have the vocal prowess akin only to Mariah Carey herself), the beautiful clients, endless laughter, D&M’s… someone threw out an idea that just kind of stuck.
We could do this… like… this freelance thing…

I guess the rest, as they say, is history. Here we are, two years later with our little brainchild finally taking flight. I mean come on, we have our own website now AND a blog – oh you fancy, huh?

 And honestly, if it wasn’t for every single person along the way showing us nothing but endless love and support, we would not be here. We do this because we love makeup and making women feel like the strong, badass females you know you are, and to just give all that love back along the way.

So stay tuned - our journey has only just began and we have so much we want to share with you!