Our Adventure to The Lip Lab

Our Adventure to The Lip Lab

For Christmas last year, my friend Alayne treated me to a voucher for The Lip Lab.
Actually, that’s not what happened.

She lost the voucher, and then in January was like: “So, I did get you a Christmas present, but I misplaced it. Just call The Lip Lab and make an appointment because they have your name on file.” Classic Alayne, really.

Then I forgot about it for about 6 months. It wasn’t until Alysia and I were planning our 30th birthday party that the thought of a custom lip colour crossed my mind. So, I finally made the appointment.

Alysia and I have a shared calendar -  because we are basically sister-wives at this point - and she noticed I had scheduled The Lip Lab for the Tuesday before our party. The conversation went a little like this:

Alysia: I see you are going to The Lip Lab on Tuesday…
Steph: Yeah, Layne got me a voucher for Christmas.
Alysia: Oh, that’s nice.
Steph: …. Did you want to come?
Alysia: I just assumed I was coming because it’s scheduled for a Tuesday afternoon when we are both free.
Steph: Sure….

And that my friends turned into “We should vlog this!” pretty damn quick:

The concept behind The Lip Lab is pretty cool. They formulate custom lip blends where you can create your choice of a classic lipstick, liquid lipstick or lip gloss. You can create any colour you like, add texture like a sparkle or sheen and even add a fragrance. They also write down the colour concoction you come up with and keep it on file so that you can recreate your custom shade at any time, because let’s be real, there is nothing more annoying than when your favourite shade is discontinued.

Alysia and I created a hot pink liquid lipstick called DIRTY30 and a matching baby-pink gloss called FLIRTY30 – obviously designed and named to match our polar-opposite personality types.

I have to say, I was really sad when it came time for our experience to end. It was so much fun customising our birthday lip colours and such a fantastic gift idea! If you get the chance, I highly recommend treating yourself, a family member or girlfriends to a date at The Lip Lab. 

Check out The Lip Lab here:
IG: @theliplabgeelong