The Ultimate Bridal Palette

The Ultimate Bridal Palette

For One:Eleven, 2019 gifted us 19 gorgeous bridal parties. We got to witness the excitement of commitment and love and during this process, we noticed a few key trends emerge from the wedding-sphere.


Navy was a very popular colour for bridesmaids dresses. Many bridal parties embraced darker shades like maroon and dark purple, but avy seemed to the standout pick. When it comes to bridesmaid makeup, we usually do the same look and technique for each bridesmaid in the party, which means we have done a LOT of makeup with the same colours from one particular eyeshadow palette.

Huda New Nude Palette

Because navy has been so popular, we often match it with cooler tones. I noticed our Huda Beauty New Nude Palette was getting quite the workout. So much so, that we are hitting pan on some popular transition shades. Don’t you just hate when that happens?


Our final observation is that pinks have been the go-to colour choice for 2019 bridal parties.  In fact, it has also been our most requested look throughout Spring Carnival and graduation makeup for Winter/Spring 2019. I personally love pink, which should come as no surprise to ANYBODY at this point.

To avoid our Huda Beauty palette becoming completely destroyed, I decided to source my own palette - much to Stephanie’s dismay, because as she will tell you, I have a slight eyeshadow palette addiction.


I went on an adventure to Inglot in Pacific Werribee to create the Ultimate Bridal Palette. At Inglot, you can create custom palettes with their Freedom System, where you can personalise eyeshadow, powder, blush, lipstick or concealers into environment-friendly, reusable, magnetic palettes.

As much as the Freedom System seems like a fun idea, building a custom palette is actually a lot harder than you’d expect, especially for a perfectionist like me.

To create the Ultimate Bridesmaid Palette I was looking for nude/dusty pink transition shades, a lid colour and some darker shades for depth.  It took about 45 mins of standing at the display, mixing and matching individual shades together for me to finally come up with the right colour scheme.

After using the pallet a couple of times, I’m happy with the lid and darker shades but didn’t quite find the perfect transition colours. However, I am super proud of my Ultimate Bridesmaid Palette, and even Steph approved!